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For the initial consultation there is no charge.

The cost varies with the volume of records to be reviewed, complexity of the medical issues, accessibility of research materials and the need for any sub-specialty consultations required to provide a confident opinion. We do not surcharge the fees of such contributory consultations or those of research assistants.

The hourly rate are:

  • Dr J Limbert: $300/hr
  • Dr A Gold $315/hr

With the usual fee ranging from $750 to $1,800. But, this may very dependant on the volume of material to be reviewed and the complexity of the case. All sub-specialty consultants will be invoiced at their personal rate with no added surcharge.

Fees are the responsibility of the lawyer, not the client. If in special circumstances the client is permitted to take fiscal responsibility, fees must be fully prepaid. Otherwise, records should be accompanied by a retainer which will be deposited when the case review is started. Any balance is due within thirty days of invoicing.